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Dallas Wildlife Animal Control Services We Provide in Dallas TX

US Animal Control is a full service wildlife/animal control company. We service the city of Dallas and these nearby cities  daily Addison, Balch Springs, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Cockrell Hill, Coppell, DeSoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, Hutchins, Irving, Lancaster, Mesquite, Richardson, Rowlett, Sachse, Seagoville, Sunnyvale, University Park, Wilmer Our specialties include; humane wildlife trapping, exclusionand prevention services, pest animal inspections for home owners and businesses, dead animal removal, attic cleanup and decontamination, bat colony removal/bat control, snake removal, bird control, prevention repairs, animal damage repairs,mouse and rat control, removal of animals from attics and more.

We are licensed and insured with the TX Parks & Wildlife and our technicians have the knowledge and experience to solve your pest wildlife problems. Call us today for a free quote over the phone or advice. We also Provide animal dropping sanitation and clean up of soiled insulationa and deodorization. For pricing call our phone number above. We will happily provide you with a non binding cost estimate of your project. Most of our work is completed within these zipcodes, thezipcodes, but we will service others not listed here.

Dallas TX Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping

We humanly trap and exclude squirrels from homes and businesses. Squirrel removal is very important if one has chewed their way into your attic space. Female squirrels have two litters of babies per year and are looking for a safe dry place to birth and raise their young. Your attic offers exactly what they are looking for. Once a squirrel has taken up residence in your attic they will chew on electrical wires, support beams, contaminate your space with feces, urine, parasites such as; flies and ticks and bring in nuts and other debris. We are squirrel removal experts. We will trap and remove all the squirrels from your home or building and squirrel proof the home or building so they will not be able to get back in. We guarantee our work.

Squirrels come in many different species, In the South West we have the gray squirrel, red squirrel, flying squirrel and the fox squirrel.  Flying squirrels are the smallest and the fox squirrel is the largest.  The two methods that are used are either trapping or exclusion. We have the best warrantees in the industry when it comes to flying squirrels no other company can beat us on quality and longevity. We like to answer questions during inspections so you know exactly what is happening and why.

Squirrels are very interesting and cute creatures to watch. They are very active in this community and are not aggressive at all unless protecting their young. Thought fun to watch, they can get into our homes and business quite easily through a relatively small hole simply by making it bigger. They are excellent chewers, and in fact they must chew to file their teeth down or they will continue to grow until the squirrel can no longer feed. Squirrels love to chew on wood and once inside our attics, that is a scary sound indeed. Not only that, they often chew on electrical wiring insulation which can cause a serious fire hazard. Our attics provide a perfect habitat for squirrels to get out of the cold weather and once they enter, they must be excluded and or trapped and be removed. Once they have been removed we can then SQUIRREL PROOF YOUR HOME to ensure you do not have this problem again in the future.

Dallas TX Raccoons in Attic & Chimneys

Raccoon removal from attics and chimneys falls is our line of expertise. Raccoons often use attic spaces for their dens in the spring, fall and winter months. While in the attic space they will cause a considerable amount of damage by shredding insulation, destroying duct work, chewing on wood, destroying sheet rock and contaminated the attic with feces and urine. Female raccoons often use this space to raise their pups. If you are hear noises in your attic don’t ignore the problem it will not go away.

Raccoons often find their way into chimneys and other tight places and become trapped with no way to get themselves out. Female raccoons often find that a chimney is a great place to deliver their babies. If this happens you will need professionals to remove them. US Animal Control is your local raccoon removal experts.

Dallas TX Skunk Trapping & Removal

Skunk removal is best handled by trapping methods. Skunks are classified as pest animals when they become a nuisance by digging in your yard, spraying you or your pets, living in your crawlspace or under your deck or porch. Trapping skunks should be left to a professional to handle. US Animal Control in Dallas is your local professional skunk trappers. Skunk removal is one of specialties and many cities including nearbycities, have an explosive population of skunks.

Skunk prevention is vital in skunk control and will help to prevent them from using your property for their home. Don’t leave food out to attract them like cat food, dog food or garbage. Make sure that you have exclusion barriers installed under decks, porches and sheds. Skunks like to live under these structures. If you are in need of exclusion barrier services call US Animal Control for a consultation.

Dallas TX Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal is a nasty smelly business, but we are extremely good at it. If you have a dead animal in your home or business we will find it, remove it and clean up the messes that come with it like; juices and yes even maggots and we will sanitize the area. We remove dead animals from yards, walls, attics, crawl spaces and more.

Dallas TX Woodchuck Trapping and Groundhog Control

The best method to remove woodchucks and groundhogs is trapping and removing them. These pest animals are very strong and if a live trap is used it has to be a heavy duty trap. The other method of control is to use a lethal body grip trap.

Groundhogs or woodchucks often burrow under porches, decks, sheds and close to foundations. If this is happening on your property call US Animal Control we can help you eliminate the problem.

Dallas TX Bat Removal

Bat calls/complaints are extremely heavy July thru August this is when bats seem to find their way into structures/attics through construction gaps, unscreened vents, eaves, facia and sometimes through rotted wood. Bats only need a gap the size of a dime to enter a building. You may not even realize you have a bat problem until you start hearing noises such as; scratching in walls, squeaking noises or crawling on sheet rock noises (sounds like something crawling on the ceiling like a mouse or rat would sound). Bats may also enter a home through an open door, chimney or an open window. US Animal Control offers humane but effective bat removal techniques in the folling cities, Dallas & Addison, Balch Springs, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Cockrell Hill, Coppell, DeSoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, Hutchins, Irving, Lancaster, Mesquite, Richardson, Rowlett, Sachse, Seagoville, Sunnyvale, University Park, Wilmer, If your city is nearby, but not included, chances are we still service it.

Little brown bats commonly will invade attic spaces in the spring and summer and big brown bats will use structures such as attics year round to raise their young and to hibernate.

Exclusion is a huge part of bat removal/bat control. All openings on the structure that are bigger than 1/4” need to be sealed to prevent re-entry from bats. Bat Removal should be left to a professional to handle. Contact the professionals at US Animal Control for bat removal and bat control.

If a single bat gets into your home you can normally open windows and doors and the bat will fly out.

Bats are beneficial to our ecosystem; they eat over 500 flying insects an hour. Think about how many insects that is during one night of feeding per one bat.

Dallas TX Beaver Trapping /Beaver Dam Removal

Trapping is the best method to remove beavers from ponds, creeks, lakes, streams, rivers, drainage ditches and more. Beaver removal/trapping or exclusion needs to begin as soon as you realize you have a problem. Beavers will cause a significant amount of damage to your property if ignored. US Animal Control uses the appropriate equipment to successfully trap beaver. If beaver are causing damage to trees on your property or clogging up waterways call us we will solve your beaver related problem.

Dallas TX Bird & Pigeon Trapping and Removal

Birds cause thousands of dollars in property damage every year. US Animal Control has been solving bird problems for residential and commercial customers for over 15 years. We offer humane bird control and pigeon control solutions focusing on deterrents, trapping and harassment techniques.

Our bird control/ pigeon control services include; nest/roost removal, exclusion services, roost decontamination, structural modifications and trapping services.

Don’t let nuisance birds/pigeons take over your property call us to discuss your pest bird problems today.

Dallas TX Stray & Feral Cat Removal

Feral cats are a growing concern in most states. The best method of control is to trap and remove them. There are several programs in place for feral cats. This is not a job we enjoy because in some circumstances the feral cats may need to be euthanized. 

Dallas TX Opossum Trapping

Opossums are often found living under decks, porches, garages, crawl spaces and attics. Opossum will eat almost anything from garbage in garbage cans, pet’s food, grains, insects and more. US Animal Control humanely traps opossums from garages, attics and yards. Habitat modification is important in controlling opossum.

Dallas TX Rodent Rat Mouse Removal

US Animal Control provides rodent removal for residential and commercial customers. Our rodent control services provide our customers with solutions to rodent problems. We specialize in rodent proofing homes and buildings. We offer our customers long term solutions. If you are hearing noises in your walls or are seeing rodent feces in your basement or kitchen call us we can help.

Dallas TX Fox / Coyote Trapping

Trapping is the best method to deal with fox or coyoteproblems. If you are in need of coyote trapping, our professional team has the knowledge and the experience to solve your coyote or fox problems. Coyote trapping is best left to a professional trapper.

Dallas TX Birds in Vents

Our trained technicians will humanely remove all birds and nesting material and then we will install a vent cover over the vent. If you are hearing noises in your kitchen hood vent or your bathroom ceiling vent call US Animal Control we are your local bird control specialists.

Dallas TX Insulation Removal

Insulation removal is something we take very seriously. Our technicians at US Animal Control have developed a safe procedure for dealing with contaminated insulation removal from attics. We use a commercial machine that allows us to remove the contaminated insulation from your attic without it traveling through your living space. This is the safest way to remove contaminated insulation from your home. If you are in need of insulation removal or attic restoration due to a raccoon infestation or a bat infestation call us we are your local experts. We work with insurance companies.

Dallas Dog And Cat Issues

Although We Love  Domestic pets, we are a wildlife removal company. We do not take animals to the shelter. We have no facilities to deal with dogs and cats. Your county of  Dallas will provid these services. Try typing thezipcode animal services to obtain their phone number.

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